LeTort Buck a Book Schedule 

Sign Up Sheet created by Sue Baxter
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Please use this website to sign up to be a reader in the elementary school during Buck a Book days - January 16th through January 23rd.  Please scroll down to find the days and times when readers are needed. All reading will occur in the school library, with the librarian present. Books will be available at the school libraries for you to choose titles. Bosler and Amelia Given children's librarians will also help you to choose books.  You should plan to read for 15-30 mins. and plan to arrive at the school about 15 mins prior to your reading time. If school is cancelled, you will be contacted about another date. If there is a delay or early dismissal, you will also be contacted. But please plan to check the news for announcements about weather conditions as well. If you have any questions, please let me know at baxs259@yahoo.com. Thank you for your support with this very important program. SUE BAXTER

Date/ Grade/ Time

Jan 16/ 5th grade/8:45
Arika Hunt

Jan 16/4th grade/9:35
Sarah Oh

Jan 16/3rd grade/ 10:20
Sarah Oh

Jan 16/1st grade/1:00
Jamie Lethiecq

Jan 16/KDG/ 1:45
Jamie Lethiecq

Jan 16/2nd grade/ 2:30
Mindy Mitchell

Date/ Grade/ Time

Jan 17/5th grade/8:45
Heather Haney -- Amelia Givin

Jan 17/4th grade/9:35
Rick Coplen

Jan 17/3rd grade/ 10:20
Andrea Jacobsen

Jan 17/1st grade/1:00
Bob Rains

Jan 17/ KDG/ 1:45
Dan Miller

Jan 17/2nd grade/2:30
Arika Hunt