MPSL A Division Championship Meet July 19 at Hershey 

Sign Up Sheet created by Kurt Sprowls
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LAT parents may volunteer for specific volunteer slots required by the Division A Championship Meet host by using this link: All volunteers requested by the meet hos should check-in at the volunteer table by the volunteer/coach/swimmer gate. Other volunteers are needed to assist the team. These volunteer positions can be filled by utilizing the timetosignup site.
Swimmer Round-up Assistants

Assistant # 1 First Half
Lynn Benka-Davies

Assistant # 2 First Half
Myla Groh

Assistant # 1 Second Half

Assistant # 2 Second Half

Team Tent Transportation to Divisionals & All Stars

Transport Volunteer 1
Fred WisorFredW

Transport Volunteer 2
Roger Lavigne

Transport Volunteer 3
Mark Kothe