End of Season Picnic, Saturday, July 25 

Sign Up Sheet created by Kurt Sprowls
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The Latshmere Swim Team will have its End of Season Picnic, Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 6:00-10:00 p.m. at the Latshmere Pool. This picnic will be catered; the main dish, desserts and drinks (water, soda & Gatorade) will be provided. Each family is asked to bring a covered dish to share with other members of the team. To facilitate a somewhat equal distribution of sides, please sign-up using the sheet below. You may choose to bring your own drinks, however, there is NO GLASS permitted in the pool area (cans and/or plastic bottles are fine). You may want to also bring your own chairs.
Side - Green Salad

green salad 1
Michelle Lavigne

green salad 2
Michelle Lavigne

green salad 3
Teri Berman

green salad 4
Arlene Yoffe

green salad 5
Heather Laudenslager

green salad 6
Bonnie Finnerty

green salad 7

green salad 8

Side - Pasta Salad

pasta salad 1
Casey Mutzabaugh

pasta salad 2
Kathy Kraft

pasta salad 3
Ana D'Souza

pasta salad 4
Donna Dubbs

pasta salad 5
Lynn Benka-Davies

pasta salad 6
Myla Groh

pasta salad 7
Cheryl Ramsay

pasta salad 8
Heather Laudenslager

Side - Fruit/Vegetable Tray or Fruit Salad

fruit or veg 1
Kaori Kelly

fruit or veg 2
Cindy Gifford

fruit or veg 3
Jill Roeting

fruit or veg 4
Jill Roeting

fruit or veg 5
Nick Fisic

fruit or veg 6
Deb Kleckner

fruit or veg 7
Arlene Yoffe


dessert 1
Adriene Madden

dessert 2
Adriene Madden

dessert 3
Erin Sarsfiels

dessert 4
christine rankin

dessert 5
Jen Mills

dessert 6
Kaori Kelly

dessert 7
megan lauer

Other (be creative)

creative 1
Adriene Madden

creative 2
Adriene Madden

creative 3
Denise Montisano

creative 4
Sherri Balog

creative 5
Jennifer Stephan

creative 6
Deb Wisor

creative 7
Gina Bond

creative 8
Cheryl Ramsay

creative 9
Nick Bloom

creative 10
Nina Radanovic

creative 11
Natalie Zechman-Sandhaus

creative 12
Timothy Bastian