Field of Screams November 7, 2015 

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Swimmers, parents, and friends of Collegiate Aquatics are invited to attend Field of Screams on Saturday, November 7. We plan to tentatively arrive as a group at 6:30 p.m. at the Field of Screams. A discount is offered for groups of 25 or more people who purchase the "Scream Pass" (admittance to all attractions). In order to purchase tickets in advance, and obtain the discount, we will need at least 25 people to indicate they will attend the Field of Screams on November 7th and purchase the Scream Pass. ALL ARE INVITED TO ATTEND REGARDLESS OF THE TYPE OF PASS THAT IS PURCHASED. A sign-up list has been created to determine who would like to purchase the Scream Pass (specifically, the Scream Pass - group discounts are not provided for other types of passes). Questions: Scream Pass with at least 25 people: $30 (purchased by group leader in advance) Scream Pass online: $36 Scream Pass ticket booth: $39 (ALL 4 attractions, plus entertainment area) Triple Combo Pass $35 (Choose 3 of 4 attractions) Double Combo Pass $32 (Choose 2 of 4 attractions) Haunted Hayride Only $18 Den of Darkness Only $16 Frightmare Asylum Only $16 Nocturnal Wasteland Only $16
Yes, I intend to purchase the Scream Pass as a member of the group.

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Rachel Lavigne

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Renee Lavigne

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zack miller

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Coach Kurt Sprowls

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