Sneak Peek Saturday at Wedgewood Hills Swim Club, May 21 

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We continue to make progress on the renovations to our new summer pool - Wedgewood Hills Swim Club. On Saturday, May 21, we will host an open house event called Sneak Peek Saturday. The purpose of this event is to give community members a chance to see the “new” Wedgewood Hills pool and to raise money for ongoing improvements at the pool. Volunteers and donations are kindly requested.
Set-up & Tear Down

Set-up 1

Set-up 2

Set-up 3

Set-up 4

Set-up 5

Set-up 6

Tear Down 1

Tear Down 2

Tear Down 3

Tear Down 4

Tear Down 5

Tear Down 6


Parking 1
Steve Jumper

Parking 2

Parking 3

Parking 4


Greeters 1
Jodi Mackrell

Greeters 2
Debra Wisor

Face Painting

Face Painting 1

Face Painting 2

Face Painting 3

Face Painting 4

Kids Crafts Table

Kids Craft Table 1
Lynn Benka-Davies

Kids Crafts Table 2
Jonathan Jumper

Kids Crafts Table 3


Concession 1
Jen Inacio

Concession 2
Jill Roeting

Concession 3

Concession 4


Maintenance 1

Maintenance 2