GOALIE CLINIC Sept 30, 2013 

Sign Up Sheet created by Kevin McMaster

Goalie Clinic will be conducted by Chris Tome and will be held at Cecil Arena on Sept 30th from 6:00to 8:30

Clinic cost is $15 per player and is open to first 25 eligible registrants. To be eligible the player must be currently registered ( and paid) for Cecil Soccer League's 2013 Fall Season. Unregistered or unpaid players will be removed from list.

Because of the limited class size, we are asking that you try to only sign up one player per team at this time. If you would like to sign up more that one player per team please send request to Kevin McMaster at kmcmaster@cecilsoccer.org for the additional players . Signing up multiple players per team w/o permission may result in one or more players being removed from the list. Cecil Soccer Travel players are welcomed to join the waiting list, and will be allowed to participate if space exists.

You MUST be registered in advance to participate in this clinic. Registration will close on Sept 27, and waitlist players will be notified on Sept 29th if room exists.


Player 1
spacer Brian Sheppard

Player 2
spacer Aiden Woodie

Player 3
spacer Travis Howell

Player 4
spacer Avery Brooks

Player 5
spacer Hayden Brooks

player 7
spacer Jason Boone

player 8
spacer Riley Pinato

Player 6
spacer Jacob Cline


Player 9
spacer Logan Boettcher

Player 10
spacer Ella Strohmaier

Player 11
spacer Emily Trainer

Player 12
spacer Jenah Kennedy

Player 13
spacer Elizabeth Jeandell

Player 15
spacer Noah Gravely

spacer Paige Mackie

Player 14
spacer Mackenzie Smith


Player 17
spacer Mackenzie Clark

Player 18
spacer Hailey Lewis

Player 19
spacer Nicholas Crouse

Player 20
spacer Courtney Forman

Player 21
spacer Samantha Baer

player 22
spacer Blake Holmes

Player 23
spacer Gavin Belschner

Player 24
spacer Jordan Roil

Player 25
spacer Sarah Cantrell

Waitlist for GOALIE CLINIC

Waitlist Player 1
spacer Ethan Crouse

Waitlist Player 2
spacer sign up

Waitlist Player 3
spacer sign up

Waitlist Player 4
spacer sign up

Waitlist Player 5
spacer sign up

Waitlist Player 6
spacer sign up

Waitlist Player 7
spacer sign up

Waitlist Player 8
spacer sign up

Waitlist Player 9
spacer sign up

Waitlist Player 10
spacer sign up