Pasta Salad 

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Please follow this recipe, so all of our donations look alike.  Tri-colored pasta is available in 12 oz packages at 3 packages equals 2 lbs of pasta.  Choose among the add-ons, so as to make a pasta salad that is eye-catching to a kid/parent looking to purchase!

**Remember that we will be putting the pasta salad into individual servings, so cheese/pepperoni/veggies need to be cut small enough that each ‘customer’ gets a bite of every ingredient!***

Mix together, place in ziploc bags, and refrigerate.

2 lbs cooked tri-colored twisty pasta (cooled)

1/2-1 jar McCormicks SALAD SUPREME

1-24oz bottle of Zesty Italian dressing

Add one or more of the following:



Cubed cheese

Cubed peppers/broccoli