Buddhism Course: September 7 - October 19, 2017 

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Hello members and friends of Gaden Samten Ling, We are seeking your assistance in running Kushok's 7-week Buddhism Course. We are so fortunate that Kushok is offering this teaching series and we want to help make it a warm and welcoming experience for all who attend. Volunteering is a great way to practice generosity and to connect with people and programs at GSL. Please consider lending a hand. If you are interested in helping but are concerned that you lack experience we would be happy to walk you through the tasks. There is no time like the present to learn! Please sign up if you are interested in helping. You will be contacted to discuss your availability and task assignment. Thank you so much!

Please note to volunteer for the classes you must be registered for the seven week course.

Chai Maker: Arrive around 6:20 pm, prepare chai, serve chai to HHDL, serve chai to Kushok, prepare and fill thermos for after class, set thermos out on buffet tables with chai cups, set out snacks or treat for after class, tidy any spills/ mess, clean pot/ strainer/ spoons. Some experience making tea is preferred.

Greeter: Arrive around 6:40 pm, ensure the front door is unlocked, stand or sit at the front door to welcome students as they arrive, ask students to check off their name on the attendance sheet, direct them where shoes and coats go, answers any questions they may have (or direct them to some one who can), lock front door 20 minutes after the start of class.

Book Store Attendant: After class proceed to the book store down stairs, be available to help students find books and purchase books, make recommendations if you are able, record all sales in the log book, record credit card info in the credit card log, stay for 10-15 minutes after class ends.

Kitchen Clean up: After class check that the kitchen is tidy, clean any surfaces needed, load any dishes in the dishwasher, collect chai cups and load in dishwasher. Wipe counters, wipe dinning tables and buffet table with javex solution, empty thermos of left over tea and rinse it out.

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Chai Maker
Gail Martins

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Book Store
jane harrick

Kitchen Clean Up
Gloria McFarlane

Kitchen Clean Up
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