Coffee Hour Volunteers 2018 

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Thank you for volunteering! Coffee hour works because of people like you! 

At coffee hour, we offer coffee, tea, water, lemonade and bagels and donuts to parishioners between the 9 and 11 am services. During this time, children attend Sunday school and the Adult Forum meets.  

The Coffee Hour signup is set up so volunteers can sign up to pick select tasks. The tasks are as follows:

1) Pick up the donuts/bagels and bring to the kitchen before 8:30 am. (Addressed).

2) Make coffee. Begin brewing the coffee starting at least an hour before 9:45 am. (Most weekends I will start making the coffee around 8:15 am and I will help you until 8:50 am, unless you do not need any assistance.)

3) Prepare pitchers of water and lemonade. Place all beverages, cups and coffee and tea-related items (cream, sugar, napkins, etc.) on tables for the coffee hour in the Narthex or McGill Hall. Cut up the bagels. Place donuts in bowls, bring to table. Leave a basket for coffee donations. All of these tasks must be complete before 9:45 am. 

We need help during the 9 am service ensuring the table is ready by 9:45 am. 

During the coffee hour, help monitor whether thermoses and pitchers need to be refilled. Address spills.

4) After 11 am, clean up. Take down table and empty thermoses and pitchers. Count donations and take to the church office.

Instructions and training are available if you've never worked coffee hour. Call, text or e-mail Katy Lee if you have any questions at or 703-622-8484.

Sundays in March 2018

Mar 4th: Setup by 9:45am
Dear Hearts Dear Hearts

Mar 4th: Work & Cleanup at 11am
Dear Hearts Dear Hearts

Mar 11th: Setup by 9:45am
Ruth Moats

Mar 11th: Work & Cleanup at 11am
Ruth Moats

Mar 18th: Setup by 9:45am
Frye Family

Mar 18th: Work & Cleanup by 11am
Frye Family

Mar 25th: Setup by 9:45am

Mar 25th: Work & Cleanup at 11am

Sundays in April 2018

Apr 1st: EASTER - No Coffee Hour

Apr 8th: Setup by 9:45am
Ashley Harper Lovell

Apr 8th: Work & Cleanup by 11am
Ashley Harper Lovell

Apr 15th: Setup by 9:45am

Apr 15th: Work & Cleanup at 11am

Apr 22nd: Setup by 9:45am
Ruth & Zack Moats

Apr 22nd: Work & Cleanup by 11am
Ruth & Zack Moats

Apr 29: Setup by 9:45am
Pennywise Volunteers - Jewelry Sale!

Apr 29: Work & Cleanup at 11am
Pennywise Volunteers - Jewelry Sale!

Sundays in May 2018

May 6: Setup by 9:45am
Ashley Haper Lovell

May 6th: Work & Cleanup at 11am
Ashley Haper Lovell

May 13th: Setup by 9:45am

May 13th: Work & Cleanup by 11am

May 20th: Setup by 9:45am

May 20th: Work & Cleanup at 11am

May 27th: Setup by 9:45am

May 27th: Work & Cleanup at 11am

Sundays in June 2018

Jun 3rd: Setup by 9:45am

Jun 3rd: Work & Cleanup at 11am

Jun 10th: Setup by 9:45am

Jun 10th: Work & Cleanup at 11am