A Valentine’s Day classroom sign up sheet is necessary for all classrooms, particularly
those of elementary aged students. Students in this age range need more assistance when it
comes to engaging in new activities and need more direction on eventful days like party days
that can be overstimulating. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate those we love with
fun activities and events. However, it can also be an overwhelming day for teachers and
students if not properly organized. A Valentine’s Day classroom sign up sheet allows each
classroom to properly organize and plan for an eventful day. If you are looking for things to do
in your classroom during your Valentine’s Day party, below are a few fun ideas for elementary
aged students.
 Heart Airplanes: Heart airplanes are a fun and interactive way to get the class involved.
You can have different heart patterns for each student or a few similar ones aw well.
This activity will likely need parent involvement depending on the student age, if they
are able to make the airplanes themselves. You can create games to see whose
airplanes goes the furthest!
 Heart Puzzles: Heart puzzles are a great way to involve all ages. You can do easier
puzzles with less pieces for younger kids and more complex puzzles with tiny pieces for
older students.
 Teacher Heart Attack: A teacher “heart attack” is a great way to make teachers feel
loved on Valentine’s Day. With parent involvement students can create individual hearts
to tell their teacher what they appreciate about them.
 Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse: Based on the fun book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”
this is a fun book that parent volunteers can read to the class during the party.
We look forward to helping make sure your classroom Valentine’s Day party is fun and