With the new school year upon us now is the best time to organize volunteers for your
child’s classroom. Through the use of an easy sign up sheet template you can customize any
and all needs that your child’s school may have. Our easy sign up sheet template was designed
with ease of use in mind. The easier a sign up sheet is the more likely volunteers are to actually
use it and follow through. Without a sign up sheet volunteers can become overwhelmed with
the tasks at hand and become confused with who is handling what. See below for some of the
best ways that you can use a sign up sheet to organize volunteers for your child’s classroom this
 Lead a small group: Teachers often divide the class into smaller groups to work on
reading assignments or specialty projects. Depending on the age it could be as simple as
cutting out pieces and putting them back together. Allowing the children to divide into
these groups is extremely beneficial as it gives them more undivided attention to help
them succeed and build confidence.
 Help with art projects: Art projects are a fun way for children to learn through creative
play. However, art can become overwhelming for teachers to do on a large scale. With
the help of volunteers these projects become much more manageable.
 Run class celebrations: Celebrations for specific holidays or unique school celebrations
are always fun for every age. Teachers will need all the volunteers they can find in order
to make these days memorable for each student.
 Be a guest reader: Young children really benefit from hearing stories told to them by
different readers. Having volunteers come in to read allows teachers to focus on other
necessary projects as well.
 Make copies/laminate: Photocopies are a necessary but tedious task for any school-
aged teacher. Laminating is also equally as necessary and tedious. This is an easy way for
volunteers to help eliminate hours worth of work for teachers that they would normally
have to complete on their own time.