There are a variety of ways to volunteer at your local church. A church sign
up sheet
is a great place to start in the coordination of all the volunteer
opportunities that are available! Many people who wish to volunteer may not know
where to start. Having a church sign up sheet readily available will increase the
number of volunteers and efficiency of your programs. Below are a few example
opportunities you may wish to become involved in with your church.
 Sound & Music Production: It is more likely than not that the priest or
minister will be using a microphone. Music is also played either live or
through another distribution service. All of these pieces will need a
volunteer’s help to make sure that the sound is set-up properly so that there
are no disruptions the day of service.
 Food Distribution: After Sunday services it is common to have volunteer’s
hand out donuts and/or coffee. There are often other meals that are to be had
at the church following ministry get-togethers.
 New COVID Protocols: COVID has forced many churches to implement new
safety protocols. This has forced an increased need for volunteers to check
temperatures, distribute masks, and increase the regular cleaning
 Student Ministry: Students are a wonderful way to grow lifelong faith
through the church. Having volunteers allows more youth programs to be
possible and at a greater capacity.
If you need help organizing volunteer opportunities at your church our sign
up sheets are the perfect fit. If you have any questions about how we can help you
implement these sign up sheets please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We
look forward to helping you create an efficient volunteer program at your church!

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