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We hope you will all get a chance to stop and enjoy our Coffee House some time during the school year! Every other week in the lower-level fellowship hall, we offer complimentary coffee (regular and decaf), hot tea and hot chocolate as a special treat. We hope that you enjoy the drinks, food and get to meet other Little Lambs families in the process. Please be aware that these treats are intended for the adults that are dropping off and picking up; however, parents may feel free to share with their little ones.  We just ask that you wait until AFTER pick up time.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

A very kindly gentleman, Rich from Devonshire Church has year after year prepared our coffee for us and donated most of our special treats. We have grown so much over the past eight years (yay!) that we are asking if perhaps we could find a family each day we have Coffee House, to donate an additional special treat so that we don't run out :) If you would be willing to donate, please sign up on this sheet. It doesn't have to be a large amount, for example, one loaf of pumpkin bread cut up into smaller portions would be just what we're looking for. It could be donuts, mini muffins, fruit chunks or bagels cut up; whatever you would like. Flavored creamer, specialty teas and hot chocolate packets would be welcome donations as well.  Thank you!

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