Indoor Home Show 03/14/2020 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED 

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Warm up A- keep teams on schedule and room clean

Warm Up B - keep teams on schedule and clean up

Ticket Sales
Sherry Hertz

Polly McGlynn

Rick Moser

Heather Waybright

Jennifer Ritter

Kyle Ritter

Concession stand- Set up/Cashier
Richard Wirt

Wendy Wirt

Rick & Vicki Larson

Michelle & Ted Singer

Steve Harriman

Danielle Harriman

Liv Shaffer

Paula Rudy

kathy BISHOP

Concession Stand - HS Cafe - SERVE
Wendy Wirt

Richard Wirt

Susan Nelson

Dee Moser

Mary Ingraham

Amy Valdez

Mary Ingraham

Kim Fox

Chuck Fox

Auditorium- watch ALL teams to make sure no food/hair spray/glitter used
Cheryl Silfee

Mandy Nick

Liv Shaffer

Michele Appleby

Jennifer Signor

David Fraker

Team Check In
Angie Harley

Erin Seltzer

Kris garverick

Dan Leopardi

Jody Leopardi

Beth D'Agostino (Dohner)

Candy Grams - Polar Bear Lobby
Cheryl Shirk

Janelle Sheib

Karen Crawford

Jamie Pyle

Amy Freeburn

Donna Gates

Cassie Wark

Donna Gates

Cassie Wark

Prop Entrance -front entrance of HS
Mike Henry

Chad Markle

John Silfee

Jim Ingraham

Gym Entrance/Exit- doors remain closed during performances
Paula Maynard

Paula Maynard

Paula Maynard

Deb Strickland

Deb Strickland

Deb Strickland