2018 3rd Grade Communion Balloon Set Up 

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It has been a long St. Thomas tradition for 3rd Grade parents to help set up the Communion balloons that line the driveway and walkway into Church for the First Communion masses. We all remember how pretty it was to drive up the driveway with the balloons on both sides and how special the kids felt when they walked through the balloons into mass. We want all the kids to experience it. This year the First Communion masses will take place on Saturday, April 28th. If we have 9-10 helpers, we should be done in one hour. This year the communion mass will begin at 10am so we will start the balloon set up at 8am. We will have the balloons, curling ribbon, stakes and we will check the helium tank. Please sign up below to help with this wonderful tradition. We are also looking for a volunteer or two to take the balloons down around 1:00...please just bring scissors. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email the Homeroom Committee.

Thank you,

Andrea Hane and Kim Dougherty

Saturday April 28th 8:00 am

Volunteer 1
Alicia Murphy

Volunteer 2
Janice Kates

Volunteer 3
Denise Smith

Volunteer 4
Adriana Fazio

Volunteer 5
Mary Pat Lynam

Volunteer 6
Jen Morrow (chicken)

Volunteer 7

Volunteer 8

Volunteer 9

Take Balloons Down 1:pm
Kristen Formosa chicken cutlets

Take Balloons Down 1:pm