Tara Boyce Meal Chain 

Sign Up Sheet created by Homeroom Committee
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Tara was in a serious accident while on vacation in the Outer Banks. To help aid in her recovery, we are setting up the daily delivery of dinners for the next two weeks. There are no allergies or restrictions. There are six in their family. They love all kinds of foods including meats and seafood! There will be a cooler outside their garage. Please place food in there before 5pm.

Please try to use disposable dishes as much as possible so that they don’t need to worry about returning dishes. In the signup, please also try to put what you’re making so that we can try to give them some variety.

Thanks so much for your generosity. They really appreciate all your love and support. 

ADDRESS: 50 Cambridge Dr, Glen Mills. 

They live a block off of 322 but due to the construction, their road is closed from 322, and detoured. The directions are correct in Waze. 

Dinner Dates (put food type after your last name)

Wed Aug 1st
Annette Viola (totellini & meatballs)

Thurs Aug 2nd
Brighid Moran taco night

Fri Aug 3rd
Stephanie Andrzejewski Butter chicken/mac cheese/veg

Sun Aug 5th
Deneen Knob

Mon Aug 6th
Deb Vass Shepherds Pie

Tues Aug 7th
Jennifer Hartman. Enchiladas

Wed Aug 8th
Molly Hayes Pork tend., mashed pot & corn

Fri Aug 10th
Alicia Murphy - chicken parm