Slater Family 

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 This time to sign up is for the Slater Family. Heather Slater is one of our Homeroom moms.  Heathers husband has colon cancer.  He is currently undergoing chemo.  

We are going to do a meal train for their family on Tuesday and Thursday’s. For those who would like to make a meal you can drop it off in the morning at drop off and we will pass it along in carline. There are only three people in the house so the meals can be small. No allergies- 

For those who would prefer to do a restaurant gift card instead of a meal that would be fantastic and appreciated too!

Thank you for your help!  The Slater Family truly appreciates it!

Dinner Dates (put food type after your last name)

April 2nd
Carley Burke (Chicken)

April 4
Katie Smith (italian)

April 9th
LaurenBeth Signore (Mexican)

April 11th
Lisa Graham (italian)

April 16th
Maureen Patton BBQ chicken

April 23rd
Aimee Byrne (American)

April 25th
Sarah Voit (Italian)

April 30th
Jennifer Paolella (American)


Thursday, May 16th
Lauren Hassinger

Tuesday, May 21st
Carley Burke

Wednesday, May 22nd
Marian Ageeb

Wednesday, May 29th
Jill Pursley