STA 1st Annual BAGGO Tournament 

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REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.  All Teams will receive an informational email prior to the tournament.  If you did not send in your team registration, please bring it with you Saturday night.   Please contact Danielle Sculley-Ellett at with any questions.  Remember this is an ADULTS ONLY Event.  Tourney Time is 6:00 pm on Saturday November 17 in the STA new gym.  See you there!
Team 1

Wiltshire's Finest
Don Ellett Joe McMenamin

Team 2

Me So Corny
Larry and Kristen Formosa

Team 3

Brian and Justine Hartman

Team 4

Children of the Cornhole
Chris and Adriana Fazio

Team 5

What's an Auk?!
Sean Hayes and Kevin Weaver

Team 6

The Jarhead & the Squid
Deb & Rich Ciamacca

Team 7

Sweet Corn O' Mine
Mike & Mark Ciocco

Team 8

Rest on ur Cornholes
Christine Ciocco and Anne Kitchen

Team 9

Hardcore Corn
Jim and Dominique Ryan

Team 10

Born to be Corn
Marie & Donato Martinez

Team 11

Sweet Corn Alabama
Amy Connelly & Michelle Davis

Team 12

Shut Your Cornhole
Dan & Marion Koenigsmann

Team 13

The Great Cornholios
Josh Gruzska & Marcus Vass

Team 14

Mother Shuckers
Ant & Jen Medici

Team 15

We're Gonna Corn You Up!
Suzanne and Ed Woodbridge

Team 16

Toss Me All Night Long
Rob and Kristine Beighley

Team 17

Great Corn Holers
Tom Sladek & Mark Barnes

Team 18

Emory Harris & Len Speed

Team 19

Lisa & Michael Schweitzer

Team 20

Toss If You're Corny!
Ed & Lisa Ann Mariotti

Team 21

Game of Throws
Colleen & Dan Walsh

Team 22

Get in the Hole!
Bob McLaughlin & Kim Mancini

Team 23

Bag dat thing up!
Joe & Katie DiBona

Team 24

Corn off the Cobb
Amanda Olsen & Gabe Cordes

Team 25

The Air Mailers
Deb & Kurt Olsen

Team 26

Shucking A-maizing
Adonia & Davis

Team 27

Maized & Confused
Sharon Gaeta and Adam Russell

Team 28

Lauren Huggins & Christine Abbonizio

Team 29

Team Gritty Mitchell
Joe & Ron

Team 30

Rick Colvin & Vinny Iacone

Team 31

The Holy Ones
Riley & Tracy O’connor

Team 32

We So Corny
Bridget & Joseph Stevens

Team 33

OOPS! Wrong (Corn) Hole
John & KC Fetsick

Team 34

Hole Masters
Arty & Chris

Team 35

2 in the ..., 1 in the Cornhole
Todd & Carla Alba