1A Reading Volunteers 

Sign Up Sheet created by Homeroom Committee
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1A Parents with Clearances...Please sign up to read to the class...Wednesday's 1:15-1:45 if this time does not work for you please let Mrs. Purifico know and an arrangement for a more convenient time can be made

Thank you! 

Andrea Hane


September 27 1:15-1:45
Colleen Walsh

October 4 1:15-1:45
Andrea Hane

October 11 1:15-1:45
Tiffany Rishel

October 18 1:15-1:45
Jen Medici

October 25 1:15-1:45
Jenn Colvin


November 8 1:15-1:45
Christine Shandy

November 15 1:15-1:45
Michele Gana

November 29 1:15-1:45
Lorraine Crawford


December 6 1:15-1:45
Jen Morrow

December 13 1:15-1:45
Christine Shandy