KA Halloween Party 

Sign Up Sheet created by Homeroom Committee
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Thank you for volunteering to bring food/drinks for KA's Halloween Party. Please send in your supplies on Monday, October 30th or Tuesday, October 31st.  Please bring in all perishable items on Tuesday, October 31st.  The Halloween parade around the school will start at 1:30 so if you plan to come in to help please arrive by 1:15 to help the children change into their costumes.  The classroom party will be from 1:30-2:30.  All are welcome!  There are 16 children in the class.  Thanks again for all of your help!


Fruit (Grapes)
patience Egan

Fruit (Apple slices)
Stephanie Miller

Halloween Cupcakes (18)
Laura Kuchler

Rice Crispy Treats (18)
Justine Hartman

1 bag of Chips
Christine Huston

1 bag of Pretzels
Lauren Maiers


Mini Water Bottles (12)
Lauren Sandilands

Mini Water Bottles (12)
Adonia Davis

Juice Boxes (10)
Kristeen Florencio

Juice Boxes (10)
Kristeen Florencio