1B Halloween Party - Mrs. Kersey 

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1B will be having their Halloween Party on Tuesday, 10/31 at 1:30 PM. The class will enjoy some Halloween treats and play some fun games. If you would like to contribute an item for the party please sign up below.

PLEASE NOTE We have the following allergies in 1B: peanut, egg, fish, strawberries, and mangos. If you are sending in a treat please make sure the ingredients are visible.

Thanks and Happy Halloween!! Regina & Heather

Paper Products

25 Paper Plates
Lisa Kirk

25 Napkins
Kate Fazio

Joy Catanese


15 small water bottles
Deb Vass

15 Juice Boxes
Janina Wolski


Halloween Cupcakes (25)
Kimberly Hopewell

Rice Krispy Treats
Shannon Pizzuto

Apple slices
Steph Sargent

Maureen Patton

Bag of Pretzels
Jaclyn Crawford

Candy Corn (peanut free)
Regina DiFelice