6B - Halloween party 

Sign Up Sheet created by Homeroom Committee
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On Oct. 31, 6B will celebrate Halloween with some fun games and sweet treats. The party will be held from 1:30 pm-2:30 pm. If you are able to help by either donating party supplies or volunteering in the classroom, please sign up below. PLEASE NOTE: All items must be nut free; no products prepared on shared equipment or facilities are permitted. Please provide labels for any homemade items. 

If you volunteer for the party, please be sure that your clearances are up to date. 

If you have any questions, please email us at thecarlins3@verizon.net or billyandann@verizon.net. 


Halloween-themed cupcakes
Paula Darch Nut-free sugar cookies (Acme)

Halloween-themed cookies
Colleen Owens

Bag of plain popcorn
Jennifer Roach

Bag of cheese popcorn
MaryAnne Smith

Bag of cheese curls
Matthew McKnight

Bag of cheese curls
Tara Boyce

Apple slices
Alison Malloy

Ed Malloy

12-pack of small water bottles
Adel Verticelli

12-pack of small water bottles
Laura Hayburn

12-pack of small water bottles
Ann Wallace

Paper products

Halloween-themed napkins
Susan Burgoyne

Halloween-themed plates
Susan Burgoyne

Container of wet wipes
Mary Kenney


Volunteer 1
Jennifer Roach

Volunteer 2
Maggie P-S