Late Night Catechism Flier Distribution 

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Tickets for Late Night Catechism are available for sale. Thank you to those of you who already purchased them and to those of you who didn't - what are you waiting for??? As you know this has the potential to be a humongous money maker for STA school, but we need your help! The attached sheet has a list of local area businesses to post fliers to get the word out to the local community. Please consider signing up to post a flier at a convenient location to you to help spread the word... Thank you for your consideration and support, if you know of any other local businesses not listed on here please feel free to post it and if you could forward it to Andrea Hane -, she'll add it to the list. Thanks again!
LNC Flier Distribution - Food Stores

Giant - Dilworthtown

Giant - Aston
Alison Malloy

Giant - Delaware 202
Molly Hayes

Acme - Concordville
Lori Cellicci

Acme - Route 1 Media
Mary Close

Whole Foods Market
Andrea Hane

Fresh Market
Adriana Fazio

Starbucks - Glen Eagle

Starbucks - by Wegmans
Dominique Ryan

Giant - Kennett

Wegmans -(community board?)

LNC Flier Distribution - Libraries

Rachel Kohl Library
Lori Cellicci

Aston Library
Janice Kates

Middeletown Library (rte 1 & 452)
Mary Close

LNC Flier Distribution - Post Offices

Chester Heights
Lori Cellicci

Glen Mills
Lori Cellicci

Lori Cellicci

Dominique Ryan

Lori Cellicci

Colleen Owens

Chadds Ford

Lima Post Office
Alison Malloy

Concord Township Building

Chester Heights Township Building

LNC Flier Distribution - Local Business

Town and Country Cafe - Concord Rd
Andrea Hane

Neumann University - student life bldg
Stephanie Toth

High Schools