VBS 2019 Donation Items 

Sign Up Sheet created by Andrew Arnold

Thanks for being willing to donate items to help bring To Mars and Beyond into being!

All items need to be to the church by Sunday, August 4 so that we have time to know what we still need to buy.

Science Items

12 large 10-inch balloons

1 bottle of Liquid dish soap (Joy)
Beth Seyer

Food coloring
Anne Clayton

Glitter (star glitter if available)

2 large bottles of baby oil
Michelle Messmer

12 sixteen-ounce bottles with lids (clear plastic)

6 boxes of baking soda
Anne Clayton

1 gallon vinegar
Beth Seyer

8 wide mouthed jars
Beth Seyer

Large box of 8-ounce paper cups
Kathy Fix

2 bags of full-sized marshmallows
Anne Clayton

Cotton balls
Anne Clayton


Paper towels - 1 case
Jen Provo

Non-toxic table spray cleaner - 1 spray bottle
Michelle Messmer

Small paper cups - space theme if possible, or white

White popcorn - we will pop - 1 bag

Graham crackers - 4 boxes
Jen Provo

Pretzel sticks, small - 1 large bag
Jen Provo

Sugar cookies - 3" - 100
Jen Provo

Vanilla frosting - 4 cans
Kathy Fix

Chocolate frosting - 4 cans
Kathy Fix

Decorating gel in tubes - 6 each

Cookie decorating glitter, sprinkles - blue, pink, yellow

Brownie mix boxed - no nuts! - 8 boxes

Star sprinkles for brownies - 2 each

Magic Stars Oat Breakfast Cereal with Marshmallows - 3 boxes

Dried fruit - banana chips, raisins - 2

Dried fruit - pineapple, chopped dates - 2 lbs

watermelon - 5

Carrot and celery sticks

Bible Storyteller

5 clean, clear plastic wide-mouth jars with lids

5 small strands LED lights w/battery pack
Vivian Moe

glow in the dark paint - different colors

12-15 small hand mirrors - just big enough for kids faces

12 packages of battery powered tea lights
Vivian Moe