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Thanks for taking on this new ministry.  Remember, arrive at 8:45.  Here's the checklist, just as a reminder:

Preservice Checklist for Sound – Arrival at 8:45

1. Check with Choir on whether they need Corded D for a solo or ensemble. This is rare but we have a system for that now. (See setup instructions on the powerpoint presentation.)

2. Make sure Lectern 1 is plugged in and tested.

3. Check the Order of Worship to see if Utility Handheld is needed.

4. Check to see whether a video will happen during the service.

5. If projectors haven’t been turned on yet, do that, just to help the projectionist.

6. Checkout Listening Devices to people who request them.

During Worship

1. Ride faders during whole service. Listen for feedback the whole time. You need to hear it and adjust before anyone else hears it.

2. Ride lectern fader- depending the speaker’s voice, it needs to be adjusted up or down. Be aware you will get feedback if you bring it up too high with a quiet speaker. Better to have a quiet voice than feedback.

3. If you mute lectern 1 during service, predict people coming up to it and have it unmuted before they start talking.

4. Mute Choir L and Choir R when choir isn’t singing. (condenser Mic)

5. If Corded D is being used, mute when not in use. (condenser Mic)

6. Ride Computer fader if a video is playing.

After 9:00am Worship

1. If Corded D is in use, put it away.

2. Check to see that listening devices are returned.

3. Leave system on for 10:30.

4. Give yourself a pat on the back.

After 10:30am Worship

1. Make sure sound system, computer and projectors are shut off.

2. Lock all cabinets

3. Clean desk

4. Give yourself a pat on the back.


February 2 - 9:00am
Neil Strain

February 2 - 10:30am
Grant Buse

February 9 - 9:00am
Erik Neu

February 9 - 10:30am
Grant Buse

February 16 - 9:00am
Neil Strain

February 16 - 10:30am
Grant Buse

February 23 - 9:00am
Erik Neu

February 23 - 10:30am
Garrett Strain


March 1 - 9:00am
Neil Strain

March 1 - 10:30am
Grant Buse

March 8 - 9:00am

March 8 - 10:30am
Garrett Strain

March 15 - 9:00am

March 15 - 10:30am
Grant Buse

March 22 - 9:00am

March 22 - 10:30am
Garrett Strain

March 29 - 9:00am
Neil Strain

March 29 - 10:30am
Grant Buse


April 5 - 9:00am

April 5 - 10:30am

April 12 - 9:00am

April 12 - 10:30am

April 19 - 9:00am

April 19 - 10:30am

April 26 - 9:00am

April 26 - 10:30am


May 3 - 9:00am

May 3 - 10:30am

May 10 - 9:00am

May 10 - 10:30am

May 17 - 9:00am

May 17 - 10:30am

May 24 - 9:00am

May 24 - 10:30am

May 31- 10:30am

May 31- 9:00am