2017-2018 Jag Band Home Competition Oct 7th- Trophy Sign ups 

Sign Up Sheet created by Barbara Ebersole
Easy share URL: ttsu.me/hmbhyw

Trophy sign-ups are OPEN to all students!!!!!

Please provide the below information when signing up for trophies:

  • 1) Student's class year
  • 2) Sponsored by information
  • 3) Presented by information

For example when the trophies are announced we will say:

This trophy is sponsored by the Ebersole family and presented by Matt Ebersole.

Checks for the trophies (payable to JMBP) are due ASAP after signing up. Prices are listed next to each trophy.

Thank you.

Group II A

First Place Group II A ($65)
Jenna Platt

Second Place Group II A ($60)
Julia Meriney

Third Place Group II A ($55)
Mercy Nogueras

Fourth Place Group II A ($50)
Ann Hager

Fifth Place Group II A ($50)
Lisa Torre-Janssen

Best Music Group II A ($35)
Marissa Rosato

Best Visual Group II A ($35)
Darrin Singleton

Best General Effect Group II A ($35)
Victoria Janssen

Group III A

First Place Group III A ($65)
Eric & Kellie Perucki

Second Place Group III A ($60)
Kevin Hogan

Third Place Group III A ($55)
Eric Robbins

Fourth Place Group III A ($50)
Nicole Borota

Best Music Group III A ($35)
John Aldarelli

Best Visual Group III A ($35)
Donna Hurley

Best General Effect Group III A ($35)
Michele Whary

Group IV A

First Place Group IV A ($65)
John Aldarelli

Second Place Group IV A ($60)
Lorri Casella

Third Place Group IV A ($55)
Michelle Quintieri

Best Music Group IV A ($35)
Roy & Barbara Ebersole

Best Visual Group IV A ($35)
Darrin Singleton

Best General Effect Group IV A ($35)
Timothy Schindler

Group VA

First Place Group VA ($65)
Norma Balce

Best Music Group VA ($35)
Debra Davis

Best Visual Group VA ($35)
Patti Rechel

Best General Effect Group VA ($35)
Darrin Singleton

Special Awards

Best Overall Equipment Crew ($75)
Jonathan and Maria Wood

Espirit De Corps ($75)
Roy & Barbara Ebersole