Planning a Classroom Valentine’s Day Party

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TimeToSignUp will help you organize a classroom Valentine’s Day party – and it will be easy!

  1. Think about what you need for your party. With TimeToSignUp, we create columns and add items to the columns. Think of each column as a category or type of help that is needed. Here are some examples of categories:
    • Food and Refreshments
    • Decorations
    • Activities and Games
    • Volunteer Opportunities
  2. In each column, list specific items which people can donate or volunteer. A few recommendations:
    • Food and Refreshments:
      • Cupcakes
      • Cookies
      • Fruit
    • Decorations
      • Balloons
      • Streamers
      • Tablecloths
      • Valentine’s Day banners
    • Activities and Games
      • Valentine’s Day crafts
      • Bingo cards with Valentine’s Day themes
      • Pin the Heart on Cupid game
      • Scavenger hunt with Valentine’s clues
      • Coloring station with Valentine’s coloring pages
    • Volunteer Opportunities
      • Set-up and decoration assistance
      • Supervising craft or game stations
      • Assisting with food and refreshment distribution
      • Clean-up assistance
  3. Create a TimeToSignUp sheet. If you have never created a TimeToSignUp sheet before, you’ll need to create an account first. Once you create your TimeToSignUp sheet, you can have a sign up sheet similar to the one below to use with schools, churches or any youth group.

Using TimeToSignUp allows you to email a link to participants so that they can quickly volunteer, and you can organize the party stress-free. Create your own TimeToSignUp sheet like the one above. Create your account or log in now.

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