When the referee calls halftime and all the kids come rushing for a snack, being prepared will give them the most time to refuel and take a break before heading back to play the last half of their game. Here are a few suggestions for snacks that are perfect for game day. 

Trail Mix- This is an easy snack to customize to meet the dietary needs of your players. Consider using pretzels and raisins as a base. Dried fruit, nuts, and cereal are a few of our favorite mix-ins to provide texture to your trail mix. Easily portion out snack bags for each player and be sure to pack a few extras just in case. 

Fresh Fruit- Easy to peel fruits like clementines and bananas are always a hit on the field. Be sure to have hand sanitizer on hand as well as a designated trash can for the peels so that there is not a mess left on the sidelines. Apples are another option that just need to be washed prior to being stored in a cooler bag.

String Cheese- Not only is this a fun snack, it is also already individual packed making it a safe bet for the whole team. Pair it with your homemade trail mix, fruit, or even applesauce to make it a more filling snack

Hummus and Veggies- This requires a little bit of preparation, but it is easily passed around on game day. Cut up carrots, celery, broccoli, and maybe even throw in a few crackers into a baggy along with a personal serving of hummus. This is an easy grab and go snack for them to enjoy while they cool off. 

Muffins- With so many different varieties, banana nut, cinnamon apple, blueberry etc, individual muffins are a hit with kids. They can be easily baked in wrappers and then passed out on the field. 

Always be sure to pack lots of water and cool it down with ice packs. When it comes to snack sign ups, our easy sign up sheet template is perfect for active parents on the go. Our soccer snack sign up sheet can even be customized with your team’s colors and provides the opportunity to send reminders before game day.