Regardless of where you live school is likely back in session and in full swing! We are so thankful for all the students that are able to be back in the classroom full-time this year. We are equally thankful for the students that have the opportunity to make other arrangements that make them most comfortable. For those students who are returning to school full-time, especially our younger students, we want to help make snack sign up sheet times the easiest they can possibly be! Below is a short list of snack needs on campus and how we can help simplify this process. 


Preschool: Preschool students benefit from the social interaction that takes place during snack. Having a group snack prepared can help encourage the students to try new foods and enjoy eating with others. 

Before School/After School Care: Many students of all ages require before school care, after school care, or both! Having a group snack prepared for these instances can make the students lives significantly easier. Many times, students forget to allocate food for before or after school and find themselves extremely hungry at these times. Sometimes before and after school care can be a last minute need in which they were not prepared to bring a snack ahead of time. Having this snack provided by the group helps to alleviate these issues. 

After School Sports: As youth sports regain traction this fall so do snack sign up sheet needs! Youth sports really work up an appetite and having an already prepared snack truly makes the athletes and coaches’ lives easier. 

If you need help determining the best way to organize a snack sign up sheet we are here to help. Our systems were designed with you in mind, to make your life as easy as possible. With that being said we are always still here to answer any questions that come up.

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