Children playing soccer is a wonderful way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. There
are many lifelong benefits that soccer has to offer a child. As a parent a great way you can be
involved and help facilitate their love of soccer is by designing a soccer snack sign up sheet.
Making sure each practice and game has a designated volunteer to help provide snack is
extremely beneficial. Without an organized structure in place many games or practices will get
overlooked or some families will be doing more than their fair share. Below are a few of the
benefits of childhood soccer to take into consideration when signing up your child.
 Health & Fitness: Many children today spend too much time indoors in front of screens
and not nearly enough time outside exercising. Having a designated time and activity to
devote outdoors will make sure that outdoor exercise happens more frequently.
 Team Sport: Teamwork is an incredible lifelong still set that children will need as they
grow up throughout their education and into their adulthood in the workplace.
 Motor Skills: Physically active sports such as soccer help to develop motor skills.
Children who sit inside or only play video games are experiencing missed opportunities
to develop their gross motor skills.
 Self-Esteem: Developing a skill set and succeeding at it helps to promote self-esteem.
 Socialization: COVID19 has really stripped children of their ability to naturally socialize.
Playing soccer can allow kids to help get back into a social setting and learn to
communicate together.
 Academic Performance: Soccer forces children to learn to solve problems quickly which
can translate into the classroom. Because soccer forces kids to look from point A to
point B regularly it also improves visual spatial awareness.
If you need assistance designing a soccer snack sign up sheet we have easy solutions.