A Halloween class party sign up is the only way to ensure that your upcoming holiday
party runs smoothly. By organizing a Halloween class party sign up you are able to be aware of
who is in charge of what specifically. Without this kind of organization, a party will never be
able to happen. Depending on the age of the children in the class the younger the age the more
organization that is needed. Older children are able to take greater responsibility and direction
at the last minute. Below are a few things to consider when organizing your upcoming
Halloween Party for your child’s classroom.
 Treats: Treats are expected at classroom parties, particularly for Halloween. Make sure
that you take note of any class allergies prior to deciding on which treats to bring. Try to
limit the number of treats that each child has access to while providing enough that
each child feels they had a fun snack.
 Active Activity: It is helpful to offer an activity that gets the kids moving. Consider
games that get every child moving such as a race or even a form of duck-duck-goose
organized Halloween style.
 Craft: A fun craft that each child is able to take home after the party is always fun. This
allows each child to show their family what they did at the party.
 Book: At the end of the party a nice way to reel the class back in and calm down is a
holiday-themed book. A classic to consider is “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.”
If you have any questions when it comes to customizing your sign-up sheet, please feel free
to reach out at any time. We look forward to helping you organize a fun holiday party for the
kids in your life!