You have probably thought about every part of your event, planned out the location, reviewed safety information and more. Now comes the part where you need to reach out to your community and find people to help you actually run the event. Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organizations around the world and reaching out to people can be both time consuming and difficult. Here we have compiled a list of a few tips to getting volunteers for your next event. 

Reach Out through Social Media Instagram and Facebook are both great ways to reach out to different groups of people about your event. You can even include links to your website or even to your sign up sheet making it simple for volunteers to put themselves down to help at your event. 

Preassign Jobs When volunteers know exactly what they are signing up for, they will be more likely to hit the submit button. Putting the number of people needed, shift hours, and a short description is all possible with an easy sign up sheet template

Simplify Registration Perhaps the most important part of all is keeping your registration simple for both your event and volunteers. If they can’t figure out your platform, they will not sign up. If they forgot what time they signed up for, they should easily be able to access the information. Our website offers an excellent way to streamline volunteer registration as well as provide your volunteers with the access they need to information about your event. 

Send Reminders Once you have your volunteers, making sure that you remind them of your event is critical to making sure they show up! Our platform offers the opportunity to send out email reminders to your volunteers directly from our site. After your event, you can use the same feature to send out a thank you email to your volunteers as well! 

At Time to Sign Up, we want you and your team to succeed. Our easy to use system has lots of options like our church sign up sheet template while also providing you with the opportunity to create one of your own and personalize it to your event.