Being a room parent is a great way to help benefit your child’s classroom. Teachers are
often overburdened with tasks that take up an excessive amount of time and take away from
the teaching of our students. Room parents help with things as simple as a classroom volunteer
sign up sheet template
. However, room parents also help with a variety of tasks that benefit all
the students in the class. See below for some of the tasks that a room parent can help with.
 Meet with teacher: Room parents often meet with the teacher at the beginning of the
year to help set expectations for the year.
 Organize information: A large burden teachers have is organizing all the information of
upcoming activities and distributing that to all the parents. A room parent can help to
organize this information and communicate it to the other parents.
 Class parties: One of the most fun aspects of becoming a room parent is helping with
and organizing class parties throughout the year. This is where is a classroom volunteer
sign up sheet template can come in handy!
 Attend school meetings: School meetings such as PTA meetings often provide helpful
information that pertain to each classroom. Room parents can help with relaying this
information from the meetings with what information is applicable to every parent.
 Donations for class gift: Organizing a gift from the whole class is helpful both for the
teachers and the parents alike. It is nice to gather together to show each teacher how
appreciated they are.
 Volunteers: In general volunteers are needed for a variety of activities throughout the
year. Without volunteers these activities could not take place. Room parents help to
organize all of these volunteers and coordinate various duties for each.