As the school year comes to a close you may be wondering how to make a volunteer
sign up sheet
. There are so many activities that take place as the school year comes to a close
that there is no way one teacher or even two could handle it all. Volunteers are needed to
make sure that some of the burden is removed from the teacher’s plate and that the students
have a year to remember. It has also been proven countless times that a parent’s involvement
in school has a direct correlation to their students success. If you needed a reason to stay
motivated in your child’s education this should be the number one reason! See below for a few
reasons you may need to learn how to make a volunteer sign up sheet this spring.
 Teacher Gift: As a thank you to our beloved teachers it is always nice to give an end of
the year appreciation gift. It is helpful if the entire class goes in on a gift together so that
something larger and beneficial to the teacher and/or classroom can be purchased. In
order to organize this someone must volunteer and help coordinate payments and
purchasing of the gift as well as wrapping and delivering the gift.
 Classroom Potluck: Potlucks are often organized at the end of the year as a fun way to
gather everyone together and reminisce on a wonderful year spent together. The
potluck can take place in the classroom but is often in a more fun location such as a
 Classroom Cleanup: Clean-up is often needed around the classroom as the year comes
to a close. This often requires volunteers to help distribute artwork that has decorated
the classroom all year long, and extra disinfecting of items in anticipation of summer