Parent volunteers make any school run a lot smoother than it otherwise would. In fact,
in order for the school to be successful, parent volunteers are vital. From running class parties
to navigating school crosswalks, parent volunteers make everything in the school possible. One
way to make sure that the school receives as many volunteers as possible is to create a parent
volunteer sign up sheet
. The easier the parent volunteer sign up sheet is to navigate; the more
likely parents are to use it. Below are some creative ways to use parent volunteers this
upcoming school year.
 Organize class parties: Class parties are a very fun way to keep kids interested in coming
to school and to involve everyone together. It is nice to celebrate large holidays or
events as a class and brings a sense of community. Parties are not possible without
significant parent involvement. Organizing a group of parents to help facilitate these
parties is crucial.
 Photography: Perhaps there is a professional photographer among the crowd of parent
volunteers. Asking that parent to dedicate some of their time and services for free to
the school is a great way to get professional photos of the school done. These photos
can be used for the school website, social media, or general fliers and marketing of the
school itself.
 Holiday gifts: Holiday gifts are something parents will treasure forever. These gifts can
pertain to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well. Depending on the age of the student
these are a fun way to involve the class together in an alternative learning experience.
 Tutoring stations: Sometimes there are simply not enough hands to go around. Having
parents help create small groups to tutor students needing additional help really
benefits the students.
 Copies/Laminate: It may seem small but having parents help create copies or laminate
papers can save a teacher hours worth of work.

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